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About us

We're a boutique
agency that's obsessive about devising innovative
UX strategies.


We understand your needs

We learn your UX needs by thoroughly researching the product, its application, and the competition.


We include even the smallest detail

We establish the design goals in definitive terms and achieve them through meticulous planning and execution.


We ideate to maximize your results

We factor in the user’s perspective, determine the key factors, and construct an infallible design framework that ticks all the boxes.


We apply innovative, emphatic design techniques

Our domain knowledge, experience, and unmatched design skills empower us to create outstanding user experiences.

Every organization stands to gain from great UX ideas

1. Startup

Turn your brilliant idea into a functional product with an impeccably designed UX/UI. Win the first time, every time.

2. Growth-phase Organization

Keep up with rapidly changing user expectations. Ensure your products stand out with winsome UI/UX. Bolster your business prospects.

3. Enterprises

Fortify your business leadership by keeping customers delighted. Realign user experiences to meet their expectations.
Be ready for the future.

A note from our founder

Creating fulfilling user experiences
for customers across the globe

UX Audit

Get our experts to review the customer-facing interfaces of your business operations. Determine what’s good and what can be better with our objective and methodical evaluation. Learn More

UX/UI design

Create attractive and friendly products with a modern UI design. With our extensive domain expertise, we ensure your organization benefits from a growing clientele that cherishes the user experience. Learn More

Idea to MVP

Build better products by partnering with Ambian. Plan product launches with confidence. From conceptualization to creation, we help build your MVP as a Minimum Awesome Product. Learn More

Rapid prototyping

Accelerate your prototyping processes and shorten the product development cycle. With our extensive design experience, we help you prepare accurate prototypes quickly. Learn More

Interface design

Let Ambian’s creative team boost your product’s utility value with aesthetically designed interface elements. Learn More

Website design

Create an impactful online presence with a website optimized for gratifying user experiences. With our tastefully designed pages and engaging content, prepare to welcome more visitors and serve more customers. Learn More

Brand identity

Amplify your marketing efforts with an evocative corporate identity. Our avant-garde logos will perfectly reflect your business vision, values, portfolio, and aspirations. Learn More


What our clients
say about us.

“Working with Ambian was a breeze, they displayed complete grasp of our needs and platform within a short span of time. The best part was when we got the conceptualized output, it was better than what we had imagined.“
CEO & Co-Founder


“Ambian Strategy has proven to be valuable UX and design partners. Their unconditional professionalism, strict attention to detail, and a penchant for quality have immensely benefited us. Ambian is a valuable ally to have on your team to tackle complex, long-drawn projects.”

Team8 Solutions

“Building awe-inspiring customer experience is the very central part of all the work we do at toCode technologies and there can't be any better partner than Ambian Strategy bring this to life.”

toCode Technologies

“It was a pleasure working with Ambian Strategy. They designed our product ProAcc’s complete user experience along with our new logo. They have extraordinary design skills, and are very professional and customer-friendly.”
President, Consulting Services

Promatus Inc

“We had engaged Ambian for the design and development of our hotel website. We were impressed with both the design and schedule.

They're true professionals and we would surely recommend them to everyone.”


Weaver Apparel, LLC