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UX Audit as a service

Get the experts to review the customer-facing interfaces of your business operations. Determine what’s good and what can be better with our objective and methodical evaluation.


We study the design goals and functionality of the product. We evaluate the layout, navigational tools, branding elements, and other critical UX components, keeping the target user segment in mind.


Our in-depth assessment of the product is aimed at gauging the product’s functionality as experienced by users by examining the UI for consistency and intuitiveness.


We evaluate the appropriateness of the UX and UI elements, checking if they conform to the design objectives. Our analysis makes it easy to determine the product’s usability.


Establish well-structured user experiences. Following best-in-the-industry practices and with our state-of-the-art UX process. We transform our creativity into gratifying user experiences.



Ensure availability of quick prototypes for a stress-free product development process. Evaluate the design’s acceptability and functionality with impeccable mockups.


We build prototypes that accurately reflect your vision and the design objective, capturing all vital UI and UX aspects for a conclusive evaluation.


Our prototypes facilitate a methodical appraisal of the design’s best elements as well as shortcomings. Make insightful and strategic UX decisions.


We facilitate a quicker UX assessment with various options for the prototype, including pencil sketches, greyscale wireframes, ultraprecise models, in lo-fidelity or hi-fidelity.


Break down the design for a detailed and flawless assessment of its UX readiness. Overcome the challenges posed by the functional requirement’s complexity by building rapid prototypes.


Infuse designs with the "wow" factor

Successful products have one thing in common: flawless UI. Get the interface design right, fire users’ imagination, and benefit from the product’s growing appeal.


We understand the product, user expectations, and positioning by engaging with the client. We complement the knowledge by researching the relevant industry trends and competitive offerings.


We build the prototypes with powerful graphics, illustration, and wireframing tools. Our design approach diligently incorporates all the knowledge gained through research.


Moodboarding enables us to capture the essential flavor and theme of the design. We define critical elements such as typography, color scheme, and their visual representation.

Fine-tuning for perfection

We actively engage with the client, presenting and explaining the envisaged approach. We aim to deliver a design that checks all the boxes, and we achieve it by incorporating the client’s feedback.

Why Ambian

Expert UI Design for Exceptional User Experience

We are a user interface design agency providing exceptional user experience through expert user interface design services. Our team of skilled designers and researchers work with clients to understand their needs and deliver custom User interface designs that meet and exceed expectations.

As one of the leading user interface design companies, we deliver results for a range of industries using a user-cantered approach to create intuitive, engaging and visually appealing designs. We stay ahead of the curve by continuously improving our skills and staying updated with latest design trends and technologies.

Choose us for expert UI design and let us help you create digital experiences that are both beautiful and functional.

"We have been developing diverse UX projects for our clients. We team up
with our clients to deliver the best user experience possible."

Mathuram Nallathambi,

Lead UX Strategist

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What our clients
say about us.

“Working with Ambian was a breeze, they displayed complete grasp of our needs, platform within a short span of time. The best part was when we got the conceptualized output, it was better than what we had imagined.“
CEO & Co-Founder


“Ambian Strategy has proven to be valuable UX and design partners. Their unconditional professionalism, strict attention to detail and a penchant for quality have immensely positively benefited us. Ambian is a valuable ally to have on your team to tackle complex, long-drawn projects.”

Team8 Solutions

“Building awe-inspiring customer experience is the very central part of all the work we do at toCode technologies and there cant be any better partner than Ambian Strategy bring this to life.”

toCode Technologies

“It was a pleasure working with Ambian Strategy. They designed our product ProAcc’s complete user experience along with our new logo. They have extraordinary design skills, very professional, and customer-friendly.”
President, Consulting Services

Promatus Inc

“We had engaged Ambian for the design and Development of our hotel website. We were impressed with both the design and schedule.

True professionals and we would surely recommend them to everyone.”


Weaver Apparel, LLC