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Why choose Ambian?

Sound strategies, based on research

Sound strategies, based on research

We develop UX/UI strategies by analyzing your needs and challenges. Our designs benefit from an objective study of the product, users' aspirations, market segment, and the competition.

Competence, honed by experience

Competence, honed by experience

Our experience spans diverse industries and client needs. We constantly update our skills to master modern trends and design techniques to whip up distinctive and innovative ideas.

Agility and Commitment

Agility and Commitment

Our efforts are marked by diligence and commitment. Our agility and customer-oriented efforts turn client engagements into enduring relationships.

Our UX/UI design approach


With an in-depth study of the business goals, product positioning, end-user needs, and potential usability limitations, we define the scope of the project. This is followed by a detailed design plan.


The Information Architecture evolves from the Discovery Workshop and research initiatives. We construct a design framework based on the data substantiated through research.


We blend esthetically pleasing visual layouts with cleverly placed branding elements. We heighten the user experience while supplementing the marketing plans.


We conduct a UX audit to evaluate the crucial components. With a detailed analysis of the user segment and competitive products, we formulate a well-grounded design strategy.


Precise and interactive prototypes make it easy for the client to evaluate the design. We prepare mockups for all core user-facing interfaces, offering both low-fidelity and high-fidelity options.

"Our work is driven by a single goal: improve your business;
our ideas are inspired by a simple notion: make life easier for your users."

Mathuram Nallathambi,

Lead UX Strategist

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Exhilarating UX evolution
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Why Ambian

Leading the Way in UI/UX Design - Your Partner for Exceptional User Experience

As a UI/UX design company, we are dedicated to delivering top-notch design solutions that enhance the user experience. Our team of experienced designers and researchers work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and develop customized solutions that meet and exceed their expectations.

As one of the best UI/UX design agencies in India/ UI UX design company in India, we are known for our ability to translate complex requirements into intuitive and aesthetically pleasing designs. Our UI/UX design studio combines cutting-edge technology with a creative and strategic approach to deliver exceptional results.

We understand the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest design trends and technologies. Which is why we continuously strive to improve and evolve our skills and stay among as the best UI/UX companies in India. This dedication to excellence has earned us recognition as one of the best companies for UI/UX designers in India.

At our UI/UX design agency India, we take pride in our ability to consistently deliver high-quality results for our clients. As a user experience design company, our focus is on creating engaging and intuitive interfaces that not only look great but also deliver a seamless user experience.

Choose us as your partner for exceptional UI/UX design, and let us help you create digital experiences that are both beautiful and functional.

FAQ on UX/UI Design Services

What’s the difference between UI and UX?

You’re not alone. It’s common to find people confusing one for the other, and some even use the terms interchangeably. In reality, UI and UX are different facets of digital design. UI or User Interface facilitates the user’s interaction. For example, the “Submit” button on a web form is a UI element.

On the other hand, UX, or User Experience, is concerned with how fulfilling the interaction can be. Professionals offering user interface design services strive to make the product’s features accessible with appropriate controls. UX designers go a few steps further – they aim to make the product friendlier and the experience memorable. UX and UI are naturally related – the designs created by accomplished UI/UX design companies intrinsically include best-fit interface elements.

Is UX so critical? If I take care of UI, will this not translate into good UX?

It may not if the design doesn’t meet customers’ expectations; but you can be sure the design fulfills customer expectations when you incorporate UX principles. UX is not just about putting attractive UI elements together. UX designers strive to create an engaging interaction with several techniques: they internalize the needs and define the visual and logical hierarchies of objects; they ensure consistency among different sections; they optimize the typographical quality; they offer a reassuring experience with helpful feedback; in general, UI/UX design studios blend scientific approaches and creative skills to ensure the design ensures a wholly fulfilling experience.

What does UX design include?

The key objective of UX projects is to maximize the product’s usability. The steps involved can broadly be classified as follows:

  • Research: Designers compile data related to users and their requirements, the challenges that need to be tackled, and the strengths and weaknesses of competitive products. Analysis of this information leads to the development of a design strategy.
  • Wireframing and Prototyping: User interface design companies create wireframes and prototypes that facilitate a realistic visualization of the product’s functionality. These offer a reasonably accurate validation of the design’s suitability.
  • Development and Testing: UX designers interact with stakeholders such as product managers, solution architects, developers, content creators, and interface designers at every stage of the product development process. They ensure the design stays aligned with the overarching objective. Iterative usability test routines eliminate design shortcomings.
Which is better -- hiring a UX designer or partnering with a UI/UX design agency?

Well, that depends. Consider the following questions to make the right decision:

  • Would you need a dedicated resource that’s always available for your projects? You might if your product roll-out plans are tightly packed. Else, would the workload justify the expenses?
  • Can you find the right UX expert who can handle all the design tasks – research, prototyping, and usability analysis, besides possessing critical interpersonal and project management skills? Would you need to assemble a team? Again, will it be cost-effective?
  • Will your designer(s) be able to keep themselves updated to adopt modern design trends? Can you ensure the regular, predictable nature of work doesn’t impair their innovativeness? Will they have access to the latest tools?

If your answer was “No” to any of these questions, partnering with an accomplished UI/UX design studio is a wiser option. Design agencies ensure the project is delivered on time with their professional, systematic planning and up-to-date techniques. In most cases, you’d also save a substantial amount of money. Surprised? Let’s explain. We’re among the best UI/UX design companies in India, and we have helped scores of businesses cut down time and costs. Gain from our experience.

How do I choose the best UI/UX design agency for my project?

You can do it the hard way: run a web search, talk to friends, and explore options. Or you can save the trouble and reach out to us. Still, if you want to know what distinguishes top-notch user experience design companies, consider the following factors. At the end of your study, you’d find Ambian scoring high on all these aspects.

  • Portfolio: Does the agency’s portfolio represent the variety of projects and the complexity of the challenges tackled? Do the results substantiate the team’scaliber?
  • Range of Services: What exactly does the agency offer? Do they have the resources to handle all UX design tasks?
  • Processes: Do they follow well-defined design processes? Do their approaches align with your internal workflows?
  • Design Tools: Does the user interface design agency leverage modern design techniques and tools? Will they serve contemporary needs?
  • Openness: Are the designers empathetic to your requirements? Can they objectively relate to the user’s expectations with an open mind?
  • Communications: A free-flowing interaction between designers and stakeholders is critical for the project’s success. How good is the agency’s communication?
  • Cost: Do the scope of work and timelines reasonably justify the cost? Does the agency’s proposal include all the deliverables?
  • Engagement Model: Is a long-term, contractual relationship warranted, or do you need to commission the agency for a one-off project? What models does the studio support? Do they have flexible options for startups, growing companies, or large corporates?

Read our blog to learn more.

What distinguishes Ambian from other UX design companies?

Over the years, we have acquired and perfected our skills and competence to rank among the best UI/UX design agencies in India.

  • Expertise: Our young and passionate team complements creative artistry with scientifically sound UX principles.
  • Approach: Our success is driven by a passion for excellence. Customer-centric attitude, result-oriented processes, and agility have contributed to our success story, helping us establish enduring and rewarding relationships with our clients.
  • Flexibility: You’d find us pragmatic, friendly, and open-minded. We work as your partner, not just as a design vendor. We understand the unique challenges of startups, mid-size companies, and large organizations and offer best-fit solutions.
What UX design processes does Ambian follow?

We follow well-defined, systematic processes to ensure your product development stays on track.

  • Research and Discovery: Definition of the personas, use cases, challenges, and business objectives, and study of competitive products
  • Strategy: Analysis of the design needs, UX requirements, and deliverables
  • Conceptualization and Visualization: Definition of the information architecture and UX maps, mood-boarding, UI planning, wireframing, prototyping, and usability testing
  • Design: Interface design, copy, typography, icons, graphics, motion studies
Do you work on projects from diverse industries?

Our projects have spanned multiple industry verticals — from technology, finance, education, and consultancy services to manufacturing. We’ve addressed a wide variety of requirements, each with its unique challenges and demands. The experience has helped us become one of the best companies for UI/UX design in India.

Does your team handle all types of UX projects?

UX design is our core strength. All our projects aim to deliver exceptional user experiences in the digital product and service realms. We fulfill business-critical UX design needs related to UI, usability research and consultancy, prototyping and concept-to-MVP transformation, website design, brand enhancement, and more.

How long will you take to complete a project?

Well, that depends on the nature and complexity of the project. We’ve found that most UI/UX design projects take anywhere from one month to six months. Our team works closely with stakeholders in your company to define delivery milestones, which helps us schedule internal tasks to meet the committed deadlines.

This is interesting. What’re the next steps?

That’s awesome. Let’s talk. Contact us today.


What our clients
say about us.

“Working with Ambian was a breeze, they displayed complete grasp of our needs, platform within a short span of time. The best part was when we got the conceptualized output, it was better than what we had imagined.“
CEO & Co-Founder


“Ambian Strategy has proven to be valuable UX and design partners. Their unconditional professionalism, strict attention to detail and a penchant for quality have immensely positively benefited us. Ambian is a valuable ally to have on your team to tackle complex, long-drawn projects.”

Team8 Solutions

“Building awe-inspiring customer experience is the very central part of all the work we do at toCode technologies and there cant be any better partner than Ambian Strategy bring this to life.”

toCode Technologies

“It was a pleasure working with Ambian Strategy. They designed our product ProAcc’s complete user experience along with our new logo. They have extraordinary design skills, very professional, and customer-friendly.”
President, Consulting Services

Promatus Inc

“We had engaged Ambian for the design and Development of our hotel website. We were impressed with both the design and schedule.

True professionals and we would surely recommend them to everyone.”


Weaver Apparel, LLC